Asbestos four-stage clearances from Occupational Management Consultants Ltd – Safe in the Knowledge that asbestos abatement work has been completed in accordance with HSE regulations.

What The Regulations Say

Where you have had asbestos abatement works carried out on your site and was a licensable activity, you must confirm that the work carried out complies with the requirements of Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, (CAR) 2012.

This means that a “clearance certificate for reoccupation” must be issued to confirm that the premises or parts of the premises where work has been carried out have been thoroughly cleaned upon completion of that work in accordance with CAR regulation 17(b).

As an independent, insured third party laboratory accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) to ISO 17025, Occupational Management Consultants Ltd have the expertise and qualified consultants to carry out the four-stage clearance required for receipt of this certificate of reoccupation.

What is the Asbestos Testing Procedure OMC Uses?

From project conception through to completion OMC consultants are present providing technical support and advice ensuring that the works are carried out safely.

OMC works with all stakeholders to ensure that all four stages of the clearance process are carried out:


OMC authorised consultants carry out checks to ensure compliance:

  • Review of the contractors Method Statement, license, notification, training documentation
  • Review and adequacy of the hygiene facility (ie clean and functioning)
  • Inspection to assess enclosure integrity
  • Pre-assessment of enclosure cleanliness via viewing panels/ CCTV
  • Waste skip area assessed to be free from waste and debris
  • Inspection of both Waste and Operative Transit routes


OMC authorised consultants trained to P403 and P404 requirements perform a fingertip visual inspection, thoroughly investigating the enclosure to ensure:

  • All areas within the enclosure are dry
  • All specified asbestos has been removed/ encapsulated
  • All interior surfaces within the enclosure are clean
  • There is no evidence of dust or debris remaining


Upon satisfactory achievement of Stage 2, OMC authorised consultants assess the designated area by carrying out disturbed clearance air monitoring within the enclosure:

  • An assessment of enclosure area/ volume, so the correct number of sampling pumps are used
  • All surfaces including those stripped and in close vicinity to sampling pumps are disturbed
  • Monitoring carried out for a pre-scribed period to take account of future activities in the area
  • Ensure that the standard of <0.01 fibres per millimetre of air is met


Upon satisfactory achievement of Stage 3, (ie. air monitoring tests passed) OMC authorised consultants liaises with the contractors site foreman to inform him that the enclosure may carefully be dismantled. Once all enclosure materials and equipment have been removed and surfaces cleaned, a further assessment is carried out:

  • No remaining segregation materials to be left
  • All equipment to be removed from the area
  • All surfaces cleaned to an acceptable standard
  • Transit routes assessed to ensure free from visible asbestos
  • No unsealed asbestos material remaining within the former enclosure
  • Consideration to carrying out re-assurance air monitoring upon completion

An essential part of this process is where OMC authorised consultants carry out a visual examination of the entire work and transit areas to ensure that no trapped or covered asbestos material or debris has become exposed.

Upon successful completion of all four stages, a Certificate of Reoccupation is issued. If any stage is not completed successfully, remedial work is undertaken, and then the assessment is repeated. Details of any failures and remedial actions are shown on the certificate.

Unmatched Experience In Reducing Asbestos Risk

At OMC, we have a proven track record in the field of asbestos management, with the skills and experience to ensure that your site is safe and in compliance with regulations. OMC are available throughout the United Kingdom 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for full project management as well as other analytical assessments which can be discussed in more detail with one of our consultants.

Please contact OMC consultants through either our personnel or contact pages.

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