To comply with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, sometimes it is easier and more cost-effective to ensure complete containment and removal of asbestos rather than risk simply keeping an eye on the problem. However, it can feel like an overwhelming undertaking, particularly on a large site, and especially when downtime needs to be minimised. An end-to-end strategy where OMC takes care of all of the details is a way of ensuring project coherence. This client saw the logic in taking this route and stands as a showcase to what can be achieved when asbestos surveying and abatement is approached in a way that is thorough, organised, and communication-led.

The Goal

A thorough approach

When a large part of a site requires appropriate Asbestos Management actions, time and cost are immediate issues. For this bakery, a crucial factor was identifying and abating all the asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) in the tank farm without increasing the risk to the client’s employees, inadvertently creating delays and extra costs. For this, we recommend a thorough approach that identifies all potential issues at the start and sources the most cost-effective and time-effective solutions. However, this wasn’t the only issue: clients and their employees often feel nervous about large-scale asbestos lagging removal, especially when shot blasting and quilling abatement methods are required, so excellent communication with the site was needed to reassure employees that there was no risk to their health.  

The theory

Being thorough is one of the core promises of OMC, and in cases like this one the principle pays dividends. Putting in the effort at the survey stage combined with finding the ideal contractors for the various tasks results in a project that achieves the goal successfully and within budget. To ensure that this is possible, an end-to-end approach is ideal, as it avoids miscommunications, overlaps, and errors. At OMC, we understand how stressful poorly organised asbestos abatement can be for clients, employees, and contractors, so clear communication and leadership is placed at the heart of operations. 

How We Helped

What we did

OMC took complete responsibility of the project from the initial specification to the complete removal of ACMs. This included ensuring contractor risk assessments, method statements, and certifications were correct and within date. Importantly, this was site-specific, which enabled a tailored, problem-free solution for the tanks and associated pipework. To avoid downtime, the work was closely managed with OMC providing constant monitoring, analytical testing, and daily reports to the client. Everyone on site was given reassurance in the form of continual analytical assessments and air-leakage tests that demonstrated exemplary safety standards.  

The theory

Taking complete responsibility for a project benefits the clients in several ways. Firstly, by allowing experts such as OMC to select the contractors, it guarantees quality across the board. Secondly, it keeps costs and timescales as reasonable as possible by ensuring complete coordination. Perhaps most importantly, however, it greatly reduces potential risks by ensuring that tasks are carried out safely, meaning the building can be declared re-operational with confidence of full compliance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. At the heart of this is constant communication to guarantee that the entire process runs smoothly.

The Outcome

In an excellent example of how the end-to-end approach can improve the quality of the outcomes, this complex project was completed on time, within budget, and with complete removal of the ACMs specified. With the asbestos safely removed, the owner was able to progress with the required maintenance and upgrades without any difficulty, increasing both the capacity and the production value of the plant. The stakeholders praised the bakery for taking safety seriously and reported that they found the asbestos removal – and the way it was carried out – highly reassuring.   

While it isn’t always necessary to remove asbestos from a site, as in this case, it is often beneficial to do so.  To determine the best and safest course of action for your business, or if you suspect the presence of ACMs on your premises, please get in touch today to arrange a preliminary asbestos survey.

Image Source: Pixabay