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The Duty to Manage requires those who have responsibility for maintenance activities in non-domestic premises to assess whether there is any asbestos on their site. They must ensure that information on location and condition of these materials is given to anyone likely to disturb them.

As with the management of any hazard, knowing the location and condition of the hazard is only the first step.

The first stage in carrying out any Asbestos Survey is to conduct a Desktop Study and collate all historical information about the site. This will include a review of the following:

  • Previous asbestos surveys
  • Previous asbestos removal and encapsulation works
  • Date of construction
  • Original ”Blue Print” plans
  • CDM Health and Safety information
  • Survey Caveats
  • Access Issues

Once the Desktop Study has been completed, Site Survey Works should be carried out in accordance with the requirements of HSG 264. ” Asbestos: The Survey Guide”. After a preliminary site visit and Desktop study have been completed, a written plan for the main survey can be produced. The plan will normally specify the following:

  • Formulation of Survey Method Statement and Risk Assessment
  • Extent of site investigations including exclusions
  • Type of survey to be carried out
  • Quality assurance checks
  • Areas where access will not be possible
  • Sampling strategies for the area to be surveyed
  • Format of Asbestos Register which is easily updateable

OMC Consultants are fully qualified to carry out:

  • Management Surveys
  • Refurbishment or Demolition Surveys

All OMC Surveyors hold the BOHS, P402 or Certificate of Competence (Asbestos) qualifications, and have experience of surveying a variety of different property types ranging from Schools, Colleges, Universities, Hospitals, Factories, Pharmaceutical Premises, Retail outlets, Office Blocks and Construction sites.

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