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While most people have heard about the dangers of asbestos, not all business decision makers fully understand its implications without training. Despite global attention on the serious health risks, asbestos is still prevalent in many commercial and residential buildings. Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) must be assessed periodically to ascertain if they pose a risk to occupants of the building and, where asbestos may be disturbed, stringent safety measures should be taken to protect workers from harm.

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Employees must be trained to ensure they can recognise ACMs and understand what to do to protect themselves and others. Bespoke asbestos awareness training that is designed to meet the unique needs of your business is a vital resource, and offers these six important benefits:

Understand The Dangers

There are many people who do not understand how extensively asbestos was used in construction in the 20th century and the health risks it poses. Through bespoke asbestos awareness training, learners will improve their understanding of the nature and properties of asbestos, including the risk of lung cancer and how this is increased for workers who smoke.

Assess The Level Of Danger

Employees, including the appointed Duty Holder, who have received asbestos awareness training will be fully informed about the type of asbestos and their likely occurrence in buildings and plant, including their locations. Equipped with this information, they will be able to make reasoned judgements about the risk of exposure during different workplace activities and will also know how to respond in an emergency, such as the accidental release of asbestos dust into the working environment.

Know How To Control Risks

By increasing awareness of asbestos, a bespoke training course from OMC Consultants will reduce potential risks in your workplace and ensure that your employees understand their obligations to not expose themselves or others to danger. For example, they will learn how to avoid moving ACMs that have yet to be properly classified. Knowing how to manage risk varies according to the type, structure, and size of your business, so our courses can be tailored to meet your unique needs.

Clarify Every Employee’s Responsibility

Controlling the risks of asbestos is everyone’s duty in the workplace, not just the appointed Duty Holder. Asbestos awareness training will ensure all your staff understand their responsibilities, including:

  • Reporting suspecteddistrubance of asbestos.
  • Checking and updating the asbestos register.
  • Measures in the event of an emergency.

Meet Your Legal Obligations

Under Regulation 10 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, employers are obliged to ensure that their employees are provided with adequate information, training, and instruction about the risks posed by asbestos in the workplace. Our bespoke asbestos awareness training will ensure that you fulfil your legal obligations by providing your team with the information they need to make sensible knowledge-based decisions that minimise their risk of exposure to asbestos.

Optimise Your Time

Our course can be delivered directly in your workplace, without the need for your team to leave the site. This allows the training to fit around existing commitments and work schedules, while reducing the asbestos awareness training cost. Where appropriate, one-to-one or small group sessions can also be provided, making it easier to pose questions, clarify points, or bring new staff up to speed with the latest asbestos management advice.

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At OMC Consultants, we provide expert bespoke training in all aspects of asbestos awareness, so our customers can fulfil their legal obligations and provide a safe working environment for all.

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